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Distribution Release: Zephix 5

Dom, 01/05/2022 - 08:38
Zephix, a recent addition to DistroWatch, has been updated to version 5. Zephix is a live Linux distribution based on Debian's stable branch; its aim is to provide a free modular operating system that users can carry with them and use wherever there is a laptop or a....

Distribution Release: KaOS 2022.04

Sab, 30/04/2022 - 01:35
KaOS is a desktop Linux distribution that features the latest version of the KDE desktop environment. The latest snapshot of KaOS offers a number of desktop improvements: "With the release of KDE Gear 22.04, some nice new features and enhancements are introduced. Konsole's completely new feature is Quick....

Distribution Release: Voyager Live 22.04

Ven, 29/04/2022 - 01:11
Voyager Live is an Xubuntu-based distribution and live DVD showcasing the Xfce desktop environment. The Voyager Live project has published a new release, Voyager Live 22.04 LTS, which provides five years of security updates. This release ships with both the Xfce desktop and GNOME, allowing users to switch....